Mrs Maggie Mocking Bird

Mrs. Maggie Mocking Bird raises her babies in our backyard every year.  This year a murder of crows is trying to move into our traditional song bird and finch territory.  Mrs. Maggie is fierce with any creature that dares get near her chicks.  

My dog, Zoey, and I watched Mrs. Maggie fend off a crow twice her size.  She dove and pecked at it but the crow kept coming back.  We could see Mrs. Maggie was getting tired.

Just then, a finch stepped into the fray to help Mrs. Maggie and between the two of them they managed to make the crow leave.  

It takes courage to fight someone larger and stronger for something you care about and a small miracle to get help right when you need it.  

Here's to you Mrs. Maggie and Mrs. Finch.


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